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Benefits of Owning a Dog

We all love our pets but they may be giving you back more than you expected in terms of health benefits and quality of life. Here are a few of the main ways your pooch is helping you out.



Interacting with animals and sharing your life with a dog is a proven way to increase happiness and reduce stress levels. We’ve all experienced it, when you come home from a long day at work it’s hard not to be happy when you see a big smile and wagging tail welcoming you through the front door. Of course, they can cause stress of the other kind when they eat your favorite heels or Air Jordans, but all is forgotten sooner than later. ¬†Animals are widely used in old peoples homes and hosppitals to cheer up and improve the quality of life of the patients.

Get Sick Less Often

If you are raised in a house with dogs and other animals, you are less likely to develop allergies to animals and less likely to develop eczema when you are older. Being exposed to germs helps builds children’s immune systems, dogs can certainly aid in that regard around the house.

Cancer Detection

Dogs have the ability to smell cancer in the human body. This does not count for all breeds or all dogs at all, but there are numerous cases of pets prodding, nudging and sniffing at areas of their owners bodies that have undetected tumors. It’s seems like an amazing act of intuition and caring from our furry friends, but we still don’t know exactly why they are doing it, but some can be trained to sniff out cancer.

Keeps you Healthier 

Owning a dog that likes to go for walks is a sure fire way to keep you, the owner fitter and healthier. Typical dog owners walk their dog once a day, sometimes twice. Research shows that 30 minutes of activity a day is beneficial to our health and an ideal minimum activity level for adults. When it’s cold outside and you would normally not head out…you pet is the one that cracks the whip to keep you in shape.