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Should You Dress Your Pet in Winter Clothes?

We are into the Autumn months here in Australia, and it’s a sad season. We all start to put away our summer clothes and break out the winter jackets and scarves. But what about our pets, what are the options for them as the colder weather approaches. Should you be worried about their welfare and rug them up with dog jackets and kitty mittens too?

It tends to be dogs that people worry about dressing up the most. Cats tend to be inside minding their own business, keeping warm on window sills as the colder weather rolls in. They’re not silly. Our furry canine friends can feel the pinch a little more. Now depending on the breed, age, size and thickness of coat of your pooch there are going to be different cases. Also do they live inside or in a dog house?

Some breeds just aren’t cut out for the cold. Their thinner coats do thicken up, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Older animals who can get arthritic and weary boned and are less mobile, give them a hand. Toy breeds and smaller animals tend to require warming too. It can be just as much the owners wanting to look fashionable that leads them down this path anyway…

Pet Fashion for Fashion’s Sake

Sometimes we wonder whether dogs are more of a fashion accessory than a pet at times. The lengths these owners will go to to make them and their dogs look in vogue can be next level. We’re not against it, just saying that’s all…






Are you this type of dog owner?

The choice of whether to dress your pet in a winter woolies is a logical one.

  • Are they shivering after medium to long periods outside?
  • Are they reluctant to go outside to the bathroom?
  • Are they less excited to go on walks?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then splash out and keep your dog comfortable this winter.