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How to Build a Dog House

If you have decided to undertake the project of building your dog a new house, congratulations, this is a good investment for you and man’s best friend. What you will need before you jump straight into it is some instructions to ensure you buy the right materials and undertake the correct steps. Here is a step by step guide to help you along the way:


DIY Dog Kennel

1. Choose the Right Materials

You are going to need untreated wood. Head down to your hardware store or timber yard and let them know what you are doing. You don’t what chemically treated timber to come into contact with you pooch. Ensure that all surfaces…the floor, walls and ceilings are not chemical treated.


2. The Base

You will need 2×4 boards for the base. Remember, measure twice and cut once. If you’re super organized you might just have all the measurements laid out and get the cut to size for you by a friendly timber professional.

3. The Walls

Same width as the base, give your dog enough standing room, but not too much that the heat escapes (this is more important than too much room) and remember to include a stud in the middle of each wall. So that makes 5 lengths of 2×4 for each wall, 20 lengths in total for the walls (12 will be the height of the wall and 8 will be the width).

4. The Roof

To the uninitiated it might seem tempting to be lazy and to whack on a flat roof, don’t do this. We are looking for a nice A shaped roof to keep off the rain, snow and leaves. Tile the roof, shingle it or add roofing iron for a nice year round weather proof solution for your dog.

5. Creature Comforts

Why not paint it or add a name above the door. Sure, Rover will hardly notice but if your kids are anything like mine, they’ll end up playing in there for days on end, so you might as well make it look nice.

Now you have yourself a great little dog shelter that will last for years. When you head off on vacation, an easy option is to check your dog into a pet boarding kennel for peace of mind and security. Smiley Pets have some great options for dog and cat owners of all budgets and for all length of stays.