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dog boarding facility

The Pros and Cons of Dog Day Care and Boarding

There are a number of reasons why people want to consider checking their dog into day care or boarding for longer stays, after all it makes sense. But there are several factors that need to be considered before making your decision.

What makes a Good Dog Day Care Centre

Finding the right day care centre for dog owners is not quite the same as for parents, but some act like it is. Good day care centres are harder to find these days and the best ones can be a well kept secret and/or harder to get into. With the majority of these centres prices per day will range from as little as $20 up to $50 plus. Before you go ahead and select one ensure there are some basic control measures in place that protect you and your dog.

  • Ensure the centre requests a copy of your dogs current C5 vaccination certificate
  • Check out the centres cleanliness and friendliness of staff
  • How many animals are there in the facility, does your pet react well to playing in large numbers or are they a quiet reserved type?

Understanding Dog Boarding Facilities

For a longer stays you will be looking towards dog boarding or dog kennels to house your pooch. If you have a big or small dog there are considerations to be aware of around space, outdoor playtime and their diet.

dog boarding facility

A lot of kennels will have runs or outdoor play areas where they can go nuts. Others, say suburban facilities, will have smaller spaces – so factor in your dogs needs.

  • Be sure to ask exactly how long your dog will have to run outside each day and is it morning and afternoon?
  • Are their beds on the floor or raised?
  • What food is fed and can you make changes for your animal

These are normal requests, do your homework, it will take you 10 minutes more and you and your animal will be happier for it.