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dog at beach off leash

Dog Friendly Walks and Beaches Sydney

Sydney is blessed with some of the most beautiful landscape and natural coastlines in Australia. It’s a gift Sydney siders really should make the most of as much as possible. If you’re a dog owner, you should be mindful and respectful of the places that are dedicated dog friendly areas.

Manly Lagoon

Now this is clearly not a beach and the water is not the sort you will plunge into, but for dogs it’s great. You can walk leash free 24 hours a day. It’s really close to Manly, so that means on weekends it can be tough to find parking, but the beginning and end of the day are best.

Rose Bay 

Finding dog beachs around the city beaches is a challenge, but Rose Bay is a handy little gem that locals love. Your dog is allowed on leash anytime and off leash after 4.30 pm until the next morning at 8.30. Which works for most owners looking for the before and after work walk shifts. It’s a narrow when the tides up so check the tidal report if that concerns you.

Bicentennial Park

This is a off leash area all day everyday. The nice thing about this area is that is runs into Blackwattle Bay and where there are now new access points into the water at various locations.

Smiley Pets will keep you posted with future updates about newly developed dog friendly areas as they pop up in and around Sydney.