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How to Maintain your Cat’s Shiny Coat

Generally speaking, cats are great at taking care of themselves. Provided they have a healthy diet and are living in a stress free environment (as much as cats can be stress free), they will more often than not have a healthy coat.

But if you have noticed that your feline friend is lacking that certain sparkle or they have lost their blingy appearance, there are a few things you can do to help them get their mojo back without spending $100 at the vet. Here are a few natural options you can look into that might help:


Grooming Helps

How to Help Maintain a Shiny Coat for your Cat

Fatty Acids aka Omega-3

Humans need them and so do cats. These are found in fish and most pet foods will contain some, but not the highest quality. If you want to supplement in some occaisional fresh fish into their diet, they will love you for it, and so will their coat.

Wash Less

Excessive washing of your cat in not needed. They do it themselves, and unless there is a special circumstance – i.e they are really dirty, then you won’t need to do this often. Flea collars and drops should take care of fleas, so avoid excessive washing if this is your reasoning. When you do, ensure you are using a gentle pet shampoo.

Somewhere to Roam

Sun, fresh air and space to move outside are the basics any cat needs to keep healthy. If you are going on holiday, consider placing your cat into boarding to help them fight holiday boredom and stay healthy.


Brushing your cat more often can help to stimulate the hair follicles and distribute oils. As kitty gets older (also a cause of loss of shine to their coat) brushing can help maintain the shine.

Over Eating

Fat cats can’t reach all areas of their bodies and can’t clean all of their coat. Over half the cats in the U.S are estimated to be overweight! When you think about it, it makes sense. Can you reach your toes when you are overweight? Ease up on the portion sizes for kitty and that could help aid the cause. Consult your vet on your next visit about their weight if you are concerned.