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animal rescue and shelters

Animal Rescue & Shelters for your Next Pet?

If you’re at a point of thinking about looking for a new pet for your family it’s a fun and exciting time. Often the kids have a million suggestions, everyone wants this one or that one and even walking past a pet shop can be a challenge in itself.

animal rescue and shelters

Before you jump out to buy a new pet, consider adoption for a moment, you might be surprised at how rewarding an experience like this could be for your family. As I kid I remember when we took in a dog from the pound. We named him Casper, because he was white like a ghost. Casper had a troubled past but he was a good dog at heart. He taught me a lot of valuable lessons about training an animal and he grew to become a much loved family member.

It’s not always the path most traveled but it can be a good one. This is not a guilt trip suggestion, merely a reminder to think about it. You can find a range of young, old, pre loved or troubled animals through your pound/RSPCA or places like Sydney Pet Rescue¬†where animals from all walks of life are up for adoption.

Not only can you save money but you can also enrich the life of an animal in need. Not a bad result all-round really is it? Smiley Pets will try to focus more on different groups in the community that are making a difference like Sydney Pet Rescue in the future. Stay tuned to this blog.