West Sydney Dog Accommodation Boom

With open spaces and more room to roam there are a lot of dog boarding kennels in West Sydney. The open air and less congested spaces make it perfect for long dog runs, access to good walking areas and cheaper – meaning savings are passed onto customers.

The population boom in NSW is leading to more and more people heading West and Sydney dog boarding facilities are booming to keep up with this pace too. When the family can’t fit mans best friend in the boot there is no better option than leaving your furry loved ones with a team of trained professionals.

Whether you want a little extra pampering for your pooch or you’re looking for cheap and cheerful stay, there is an option for everyone. The luxury end of the doggy market is growing rapidly and people are looking to treat their doggy while they are away enjoying their own holiday too. This new demand has lead to an increase in higher end accommodation within kennels in Sydney’s West. Prices range from $45 – $60 per night plus. If your furry friend is a no fuss kind of guy, then a shared stay will save you a lot of money, and they will have a bunch of friends to play with while you’re gone too.


  • Bigger property, with more room to run
  • Lower costs than inner suburbs kennels
  • Cheap and cheerful accommodation and high end

Some of the biggest Sydney pet boarding properties in the West boast acres of open spaces for dog runs, making the facilities much more spacious and giving a greater sense of freedom and the outdoors than towards the centre of town.


If you would like to place your pets into care while you’re on holiday, there are a range of dog boarding facilities in Sydney that are¬†worth considering.