Sydney Dog Kennels – Finding the Best Match for Your Pooch

Choosing a great dog kennel for your pet can be a really hard decision for some people to make. It doesn’t have to be a stressful choice, you just need to remember a few basic pointers when evaluating a facility.


Dogs Playing in Kennel

Pros and cons of boarding your dog in a kennel 

Your pooch depends on you to take excellent care of them – even when you have to head out of town. Now your friend, neighbours and colleagues don’t always have the time to effectively care for your pet, particularly for longer periods of time. By leaving your animal care to the professionals, a good facility allows your dog to:

  • Be monitored by trained staff 24 hours a day
  • Trained staff can give more attention vs. a neighbor popping in to check on them
  • Stress in minimised on the animals – leaving them happier and not damaging your property at home
  • No long hot holiday car rides with your pup stuck in the boot for hours on end
  • No need to look for inconvenient pet friendly hotels and accommodation

Downsides to using a kennel can include:

  • The tension related to being in an unfamiliar setting
  • The closeness to other pets, that might expose your dog to health problems
  • The aggravation of the drive , which can be specifically tough on an animal suffering from anxiety through travelling

How to Find the Best Doggy Kennels

Ask around neighbours, vets, animal shelter, your PT at the gym. As soon as you have names, it is necessary to do a little background check. Learn whether your state needs boarding kennel examinations. If it does, ensure the kennel you are looking into displays their license or certification showing that they comply with mandatory requirements. After selecting a couple of kennels, validate that they can accommodate your pooch for the required dates and that they can meet any unique demands you might have. If you’re happy enough, be sure to schedule a walk through. Finding dog minding in Sydney is a different search, this is a daily care facility vs. a long term accommodation option.

When you are on a tour – ask to see all the areas your dog will be spending their time. Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Is it clean to the eye and nose – what you can’t see counts too.
  • Is there good air flow as well as light?
  • Is a comfortable temperature level indoors maintained?
  • Do the personnel appear experienced and caring – are they nice on the phone too?
  • Do they ask for vaccinations, especially to guard against canine kennel cough?
  • Does each dog have his own area to walk and run – are there good exercise schedules?
  • Are outdoor runs as well as workout locations secured from the conditions?
  • Check to see that the beds are raised off the floor
  • Are cats kept on site close to the dogs?
  • Is the litter box spaced away from the drinking and eating area?
  • Can you bring your own unique meals?
  • What happens if there is an issue – it there a vet onsite or on call?
  • Are other value add services such as grooming, obedience training, walks etc available?

If you’ve followed even 50% of this advice you’ve already taken a lot of steps to ensure your dog will be taken care of properly and will enjoy their stay.

More information to help you choose a good kennel: