Dog Day Care in Sydney – It’s Almost Too Much Fun

Smiley Pets Doggy day care is where you pooch will enjoy fun, freedom and friends everyday. Smiley Pets prides itself in offering the finest daycare in Sydney.

To ensure the safety and security as well as satisfaction of all of our guests,  Smiley Pets has furnished the NSW facility with three big day care areas where your pooch can be comfy with buddies in their own unique super dog friendly zone.

Our canine day guests love to run and play all the time in our large indoor/outdoor zones. Smiley Pets staff of qualified canine experts provide non-stop supervision and also communication to make certain your pooch is having fun, playing safely and looked after at times. You can rest assured that your pup will always have a Smiley Pet nearby.


Smiley Pets Dog Day Care

Throughout the day, your dog can climb on any number of dexterity ramps, play in a tree home, race around the fully grown trees that line our outdoor courtyard, or lounge on our comfy canine beds. All of this permits us to make sure that doggies of all shapes, dimensions and temperament degrees discover great friends and have fun with us.

For our smaller or more timid guests, we offer a private and also secure small dog day centre where little ones are able to run and play with others their size. With all of these options it permits even the most bashful ones to improve on their socialisation abilities in a safe and also comfortable atmosphere.

All visitors at Smiley Pets are vaccinated and temperament-tested to make certain that our Sydney dog boarding kennel free atmosphere is best for them. The sanitation of our center is of the utmost importance, it’s clean by human and canine standards. Only the finest quality, dog particular anti-bacterials are utilised in our facility. Your dog’s safety and security, health and wellness as well as happiness are our greatest concerns.

The Perks of Dog Day Care

Along with fixing a whole host of issues, such as monotony, depression and also anxiousness that may result in unruly and unwanted habits at home, Smiley Pets provides many more advantages to pets as well as their owners. The centre offers a place for doggies to create social skills. Coming together with other pets allows them to learn etiquette that helps them connect with others in a courteous and also considerate way. Furthermore, you can drop off your pup happy in the knowledge that they can run around as well as have fun with pals all day – canines get a bunch of workouts at Smiley Pets Daycare. After a long day both owners and pooches are pooped out and ready for supper and to curl up at home. After a day with us you don’t need to bother with getting in that stroll (great on the wet winter months or when your schedule is just too hectic).


There are a number of facilities in and around the city, Eastern Suburbs and a large amount of Western Sydney boarding and day care centres.

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