The Top Dog Boarding Facilities in Sydney NSW

Smiley Pets provides your pooch with a home away from home dog boarding experience. We have everything covered so that your precious pooch can have a holiday of their own at the same time that that you’re relaxing on vacation – allowing you to enjoy your trip without having to worry about your fury loved ones being cared for properly. Our facilities are set up to cater to dogs of all sizes, ages, breeds and special needs.

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About Smiley Pets Dog Boarding Kennels

Safe surrounds

We take our work seriously, so that’s why we ask you for your vaccination records. We ask if your dog is up to date with vaccines, because if we are asking you this, it means we’re asking everyone else and that means your pooch will be safeguarded against catching any nasty bugs during their stay. We welcome you to check out where the animals live, we take pride in the cleanliness of the facility and we want you to be comfortable with your decision to choose us.

Big, Medium & Small Dog Boarding Options  

Big, small or large, your pup will be accommodated in surrounds that suit them. From young pup to Great Danes, we offer the best range of dog kennels in Sydney. There is a kennel for all shapes and sizes, prices vary slightly to reflect the needs and we welcome you to inspect the accommodation when you drop off your animal. We send you some vacation happy snaps during their time with us to keep you updated throughout.

Spacious Accommodation

We have a wide range of accommodation options in our facility to cater to different budgets and different dogs social behaviour. For the more social ones we have shared facilities that allow socialising, resting and play in one space. For those that require their own space there are two levels of options available. The first is a private single bed room with a raised mattresses, non allergenic bedding, natural light with water and sunlight. The top shelf options include private rooms, tv, all day music, larger beds and warmed floorboards – everything your pooch could want to relax in full comfort – the ultimate in pet boarding Sydney accommodation.

Older Dogs 

If you are looking for a separate facility with similar aged canines we have that option available for you. These facilities have a no stairs, they’re located next to the exercise area, they are warmer to help with weary bones and they have additional supervision from the rest of the property. This area of the complex does come at an additional $5 per night, however it’s nice to have some extra piece of mind for the older ones.

Activities and Outdoor Access 

Your fury friend could get more activity and fitness staying with us than they would at home. Twice daily exercise sessions involve playing, socialising, running outside and group walks with likeminded dogs, or individually for those less sociable. We fully cater your dogs exercise requirements to follow your directions. The exercise period is an important part of any pets stay, we don’t take any shortcuts with this as we firmly believe a healthy doggy is a happy one.


We feed twice daily high quality dried and wet food and we can balance out the meals to meet your specific meal requirements. Special dietary needs are not an issue for us to meet and medication is easily incorporated into the meals, so rest assured we wont miss a pill, over feed or underfeed your loved one. Hey, if you have some tasty treats you want us to include at bedtime, we’re happy to indulge your request.

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What People Think About Smiley Pets Dog Boarding Facilities

We really value what people think about us and our services, here are a few customer testimonials that might help you make your mind up:

When we were choosing a boarding kennel for our dog it was really helpful to read Smiley Pet’s advice. We were first timers and a little nervous about making the wrong decision for our young dog. We heard some horror stories about dogs coming away sick from dirty kennels, so your advice to check for ourselves was invaluable.

Nigel and Tania Thomas, Sydney NSW

Thanks for the helping dog boarding advice. It’s an area that’s tough to understand as most of the information online is from kennels selling their services. We took your advice and called a few facilities. The customer service was a give away for us…the friendliest one’s were who we ended up going with…after a quick visit in person we were more than happy to leave Raja, our big St Bernard, at XXX dog kennel.

Sandeep Kanji, Sydney NSW

Before we went on holiday it was a little stressful finding someone reliable to look after our two dalmatians Moby and Mindy. My sister fell through and after that we realised a boarding facility was the best option. After stumbling across your site we were well equipped with information on how to review and select the best dog boarding centre in Sydney for our beloved dogs. Thanks again.

Pete and Cindy Hewitt, Sydney NSW