Experienced Sydney Cat Sitters That Come to Your House

People choose the convenience of a cat sitter because it allows them to leave their kitty undisturbed in their normal everyday environment. Unlike cat boarding facilities you will get an experienced and trustworthy person coming direct to your house or apartment everyday.

Your dedicated attendant will happily look after your cat while you’re away. They can unwind in the convenience of their own home and you don’t need to stress, confident in the knowledge that that they’re being well looked after.

Smiley Pets is a professional kitty sitting business that comes to visit your house, one or two times a day – you don’t have to bother the neighbours or your relatives and your pet hardly has to lift a paw. We will feed them, play with them and even groom them, all while in the familiar environment of their own home. They’ll get to eat the meals that you would normally feed them and sleep in their familiar beds and favourite spots.

Kitty boarding at a commercial facility or at another person’s home can be inappropriate for lots of pets. Unknown surroundings, the adjustment in their normal day to day activities, this paired together with the scents and sounds of other animals nearby can trigger significant anxiety.
We all know our feline friends can even hate going to the best cattery in Sydney, just like a trip to the vet – they know something is wrong and it can be a stressful episode all round. You can save yourself the hassle, reduce the anxiety and for your kitty, and just relax knowing they are free to chill at home in comfort.

How it Works 

An experienced sitter will come to your house, they will get familiar with the environment and look to understand your exact requirements. From that point they will stop by daily for 30 minutes to feed them, play, provide company and take care of any other small tasks. Smiley Pets offers additional solutions consisting of taking care of your other little animals, mail collection, bin collection as well as tending your plants and also yard while you are away. We love to update you with pictures during your trip to let you now all is well.

Our free in house assessment allows us to customize a package that suits your needs and budget. Package options consist of:

  • Food, replenishing water, cleaning bowls and eating and food prep areas
  • Playing , brushing and grooming
  • Medications, flea treatments and drops
  • Minimum time per visit 30 minutes plus SMS updates