The Leading Cat Accommodation Centres in New South Wales

Our cat boarding facilities are designed to be warm, welcoming and secure places for your feline friends to relax and enjoy their stay in safe, secluded and peaceful surrounds. The design of the building ensures a minimum of stress for new visitors.


A happy cat in the centre

We are cat people. We understand that they are unlike any other animal. They each have their own personality, habits, needs and preferences. With this in mind, we have catered out services to include options for every kind of feline fetish. Friendly, quiet, playful and bashful types will all find a place that suits them in our catteries surroundings.

When you are searching through the range options online you need to consider the following factors:

  1. The company has high standards and requests vaccinations documentation from you as an owner – this ensures they do that same for all owners and safeguards your animal from harm
  2. The facility is open for viewing. This shows that the people running the place have nothing to hide and if you are welcome to go past reception, this is always a good sign.
  3. They have a range of accommodation options – specifically, ones that will suit your beloved feline friend. Catteries with shared rooms, cages, closed wall rooms, these are all important factors to consider when making your choice.
  4. If your feline is particularly anxious, unsociable and a nervous traveler we recommend looking into a cat sitting service in Sydney – it may  be more suitable.

The Daily Routine

Each day starts with cleaning of the rooms and checking food and water. The guests are played with, patted, brushed and given some one on one time. They are fed, given fresh water and taken out for optional exercise in a shared or private exercise environment (depending on their level of social interaction). There is a second afternoon exercise time and in the evening there is feeding and cleaning of the rooms.

All of the rooms are cleaned thoroughly throughout the day. Beds, scratching poles and terraced enclosures are standard. Some rooms offer indoor outdoor access with natural light and views to the bush, others offer hiding spaces and more secluded surrounds for your more private types. We appreciate that our guests are inquisitive and like to explore, climb and perch themselves in unusual places – so the boarding rooms are deigned to enable freedom of movement and have multi level perches and shelves to sit on.

Food and Water

Feeding takes place twice per day in the morning and evening, whiskers canned food and premium dry food is provided as an option. You are welcome to provide your own food for more particular visitors and premium menu options are available for additional prices.

Cat Exercise Options

Shared exercise is encouraged twice daily and we can build our guests up to this with gentle encouragement if they are reluctant to begin with. For the less sociable felines we alternate private exercise times for individual stretching, exploring and playing solo. Every cat is different so we are very used to catering to every guests specific needs.

Grooming for Your Cat

At the start of everyday the enclosures are cleaned and water food intake monitored. At this point the careers spend some one on one time with each guest, patting, brushing and grooming our furry visitors to make sure they get a positive and healthy start to the day.  It takes more than brushing a cats coat to keep them healthy and we believe that wellness comes from within. A happy animal with a good diet will have a healthy coat – we focus on ensuring all our guests are eating well and housed in stress free environments.